Do you have a mental roadblock of being consistent with your workout?

We help people overcome their mental roadblock in term of physical exercising. We help people transform their life by creating harmony and balance in their life!

By helping them to make the changes from within so that they can impact their environment , and become a role model to their families, friends and their communities!


it is like planting a seed that grows into multiple branches. We help one person who goes out and affects his entire community!

When the mind and body are congruent, it is easy for our students to achieve greater physical and emotional result! And stay consistent with their workout and other aspects of their life!

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The Hidden Zone Formula

A. Differentiating the Endorphins, Mesomorphs and Ectomorphs.

B. Warming and Stretching.

C. Pelvic Structure Balance

D. In & Out Alignment Structure

E. Trapezius Strategy

A. Differentiating the Endomorphs, Mesomorphs and Ectomorphs.

B. Warming and stretching Strategy.

C. Transverse, Multifidus & Abdominus

D. Max & DeMax Speed

E. Flow and Resistance Impact

A. Differentiating the Endomorphs, Mesomorphs and Ectomorphs. It is Apply to all 3 systems.

B. Warming up and Stretching Strategy

C. Pectoralis & Branchialis and upper body specific targeting

D. Abtoctus Longus & tendinous Inscription and lower bigger muscle specific targeting

E. Extensor digitorum Longus & Gastronemius and lower legs specific targeting